WIndows reinstall of (everything including) VCV Rack Pro

I had the misfortune of having my Windows install and backups borked recently so at the weekend had to do a fresh install on the same PC - I did upgrade to Win 11 Pro from 10 Pro because I thought may as well as the worst that could happen had already happened.

Anyway, anything I need to be wary of with doing a reinstall or any tips/tricks to make things quicker or go more smoothly?

I’m currently searching to try and find the files from my last install, but not sure if I’ll find them so may have to do a fresh installation which will be annoying having to set up all my favourites, defaults, templates and patches again.

In the case of Rack, just download and install it. Once you run it and log in (in the top panel) it will download all the plugins you’ve subscribed to or paid for.

As for other stuff - like apps and plugins - you can go download and re-install those as well. If you didn’t keep track of all your plugins, don’t worry. The ones you forgot you’d installed will either remind you to install them if you load an old project. And the ones you haven’t used and forgot, well, you weren’t really doing much with them anyway.

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yeah, though I’ve had to deal with iLok and other licence stuff which is a huge pain. At least I finally tracked down my big spreadsheet of accounts and passwords and it seems OneDrive came to the rescue on some things as it looks like some plugins use it for saving preferences etc. Now the whole operation has shifted from a week of woe to a couple of days of bs.