Windows question (not only VCV. but even music unrelated ;) )


i´m asking a music unrelated question here, since we have a lot brighter heads, then mine, here and this is the only forum i´m signed on actually. So exuse me and maybe someone is able to answer or point me in a direction, since google wasn´t helpful.

Recently i started to use a free program called LibreCAD to design graphic patterns. When i want to “test” them as a jpg wallpaper on my desktop and use the option “side by side” (i guess that´s what it´s called in english) , there are variations in the repetitions of the jpg. Sometimes layers are missing or lines appear, that didn´t excisted in the original.
I have never seen such thing before , i´m not on any drugs and sober :wink: …how is this possible ?

I think you mean tiled background? I haven’t tried that in a long while. I can imagine that Windows doesn’t do it perfectly.

If you post an example image it would be easier to judge what the issue is.


Yes, you´re right, i meant tiled.
The picture is a screenshot of my desktop. It´s clear to see, that there are lines not fitting in the pattern and those are “made up by Windows”. They are not part of the original and wasn´t even there as a hidden layer or something like this. Just the weirdest thing… like you would make music and the computer decides to add a few things randomly.