windows 11 issues

I am having problems with VCV rack pro 2 with windows 11. This may be related to some audio issues I have had with my new computer with my optical speakers, the fix was to change audio on windows to use a higher bit rate (96) for that output device. Sound would keep cutting out briefly. I also have another problem with my speakers on windows 11… sometimes they just stop working, restarting my computer fixes the issue.

when WASAPI is on a patch midi signals are not responsive. sometimes gates never happen or get stuck on

when using bitwig 3.1.2 (using an ASIO audio interface) and the vcv vst and i open a saved project sometimes VCV just doesn’t open and eventually crashes bitwig. additionally incoming cv (midi, clock) information is not very accurate. a constant pitch doesn’t hold or the clock wildly fluctuates

any ideas what might be happening?

Imho it looks like a problem with the different bit rates,

VCV usually expects 41 or 48 khz bitrates,

but you use 96 for your speakers, that might be a problem for VCV.

But maybe there is something else, could you give some more details?

What speakers, which audio card and drivers wich version of bitwig and vcv, which graphics catd, cpu, ram …etc.

in bitwig i am using an usb audio interface, which uses ASIO - and therefor not my speakers. it uses 44.1.

WASAPI and MIDI works fine if i use my headphones (or any other output device).

my computer is; rog maximus z690 hero 12th gen intel cor 19012900kf 32gb of ram nvidia geforce rtx 3070ti

im not sure what other details i could provide as these are the only things i’ve noticed so far and vcv is the only application that seems to be acting up

sounds like VCV does’t like these funny speakers. I always have best results with ASIO, as do you. Smartest thing - stick with the asio devices that works, and forget about using VCV with the legacy speakers.

well, the thing is; bitwig and the vcv vst give me issues so im not sure its entirely due to the speakers.

the speakers btw are, somewhat old, optical creative speakers.

before i got this new computer i was using these speakers without a glitch on windows 10. I can’t tell if its a windows-vcv or a driver/mobo-vcv issue.

although, some part of me suspects that if i am able to find a solution to my optical speakers, either with a windows update or a driver update that the problem with vcv might go away. but that would be an awfully weird solution to vcv not opening in bitwig as a vst.

oh… i forgot to mention that i am using the latest version of vcv.

I have figured out how to fix half of the issue.

vcv works properly with midi and wasapi enabled. I had to change the block size of the audio output.

Unsure if vcv 2.1.2 has resolved my issues with bitwig vst integration as i have not tested it, yet.

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