Will VCV Rack Studio VST support MIDI out?

As far as I know VCV Bridge didn’t support MIDI out, btw I was wondering the VST coming with VCV Rack Studio will.

If I’m not wrong it will be VST2, so it shouldn’t suffer the limitations set by Steimberg to MIDI in the VST3 standard…

Although I don’t want VCV out with VCV Rack Studio I’m pretty sure it will be implemented because it’s so easy to add MIDI out coding to VCV.

maybe worth pointing out loopMIDI which is a useful free way of getting midi in and out of things via virtual midi channels, The downside is it’s Windows only https://www.tobias-erichsen.de/software/loopmidi.html

There’s coremidi on the Mac which comes with the MacOS - I thinkit has the same/similar functionality, haven’t tested it heaps though.

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Excuse the dumb question, but what does “MIDI Out” mean here? The signals from VCV could drive a physical midi port? The some kind of output from VCV could be routed to the “midi” inputs of a VST? The MIDI protocol could be carried by “patch cords” in VCV between modules? [ oh, I see, the VST version. So that must mean send midi out like a VST…]

I think (If I understand correctly ) all the core modules will be available (including all the CV to MIDI, GATE and CC)

(I m answering the general question, I have pressed the wrong button)

This has been answered multiple times:



The search function works fine, use it! :wink:


Trust me, I’ve searched an answer but I wasn’t able to find what you’re quuoting. Thanks a lot!

Answering previous comments, what I was asking is the ability to send MIDI out to the hosting DAW. Let’s say I have a sequencer playing modules in VCV Rack Studio (VST), I would like to use both the audio output and the MIDI out from the sequencer to drive other synths in my DAW. The replies above confirm that this option will be availabe, and that sounds great!

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Yes, the VST2 version of VCV Rack Studio will have MIDI output, for DAWs that support it. Just use VCV CV-MIDI or a similar MIDI output module inside Rack using the “Host” driver, and it will be sent to the DAW track.