Will RackV2 be able to load older patches from 0. Versions?

Hello, I’m currently running veeseevrack to be able to use VCV inside my DAW for effects processing. As this is based on an older VCV Versions (I believe 0.6) will the .vcv patches saved by this be compatible with the planned v2 Version that will run inside DAWs as well. Thank you

All VCV Rack versions should load all patches since Rack v0.4 or so. If it doesn’t, open a bug report. https://vcvrack.com/manual/Issues

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unless that fork did something funky

Hi Metric93 and welcome to the forum. Some older modules pre V1 have been slightly renamed by their developers.

So in some cases you might need to edit your VCV patches in a text editor to rename the modules to their new names. No big deal.

Hey everyone, thanks for the quick replies! That’s awesome news, this will allow me to use the vst fork further until the offical v2 plugin is out.

Does the veeseevrack plugin allow you to store the patches as separate files? (The .vcv files that should be more or less human readable text files.)

I highly doubt Rack 2 will be compatible with the actual plugin data of veeseevrack. (That is, the data that your host saves and loads in the host’s project files.)

Even if the save format won’t change, a lot of modules have changed in a way that breaks backwards compatibility, or were simply never ported to 1.x. Probably gonna take some tinkering no matter what

Oh, for sure. anyone expecting to open old patches is asking for trouble. For this reason if nothing else.