Why is there VCF in the default patch?

Where is that jitter coming from? Why is it not a perfect waveform before filter?

What jitter are you talking about ? The default patch always sounded good to me…

I’m not even sure what you are asking about, but to answer the title :
The default patch is a small demo synth. A synth always has a VCF.

Now if you experience jitter, maybe you need to change some settings like audio engine, or buffer size, let us know if we can help you with that :wink:

The Fundamental VCO-1 has two settings ‘Analog’ and ‘Digital’. The analog waveform is deliberately imperfect: https://vcvrack.com/Fundamental.html.

The digital waveform becomes ‘cleaner’ as you increase the sample rate as noted above.


Yes, it was caused by the sample rate.