Why is my keyboard unreliable?

I have a very simple patch with an oscillator and audio out. Using a good Logitech G915 keyboard more often than not the key release is not detected and the note hangs. And also the keypress is detected very unreliably. I have a fast computer, Windows 10, and the same issue applies with a cheap keyboard, and a proper MIDI keyboard. There are no other processes taking up large amounts of processing time.

I don’t know how to go about debugging this. Since I find no trace of discussions about this issue on the forum, I assume I am just doing something basically wrong. Do I need to post the patch?

I am using VCV Rack Pro 2.0.5.

Is it a Bluetooth keyboard? I have had problems with my wireless keyboard. But it is mainly about the latency and when batteries are a bit low it starts missing presses.

No, it’s a high end Logitech gaming keyboard with ‘Lightspeed WIreless’ and supposedly therefore very fast response.

But I also tried a wired USB logitech keyboard and the same result.

A good suggestion, though. However, does not appear to tbe the issue.

Probably wouldn’t hurt for you to post your patch rather than second guess things. Is it monophonic? If not what poly settings have you got on the oscillator(s)?

All mono.

But I am pleased to report I have solved the issue. First, more out of superstition than science I removed VCV Rack Free 2. Then I also removed a lot of junk programs from Windows as a matter of housekeeping. Possibly helped reduce a bit of background CPU.

Far more importantly, ignorant and silly person that I am, I have been using my nice Audio Technica ATH-M50xBT2 headphones with bluetooth, rather than the direct cable they also have - precisely for studio work. A fundamental error on my part. Swicthing to direct cable all the delay and unreliability goes away. Interesting that output delays affect input, but on reflection this makes a lot of sense.

Thanks all for help, and I hope this post may serve to be useful for other people in the future.


Ah makes sense if the underlying audio system is trying to use some form of latency compensation.