Why doesn't it sound like the tutorial?

I’m trying to recreate some tutorials by Omri in order to better understand everything going on. (Even down to the patch colors!). However my patch sounds only a little like Omri’s, I’m wondering if there’s some stuff going on under the hood that I’m not aware of? Also I’m on a mac, not windows so idk if that would change anything?

This is the tutorial, full shot of the patch at 13:00

I used to spend hours and hours attempting to duplicate patches based off if a YouTube video or sometimes just from a static image. Invariably, it was a challenge to get things to sound the same way even though I knew I had the exact modules that the author had used. Seems like those differences were usually related to the following types of errors.

  1. It can be a challenge to tell where cables start and end, especially if the cable opaqueness is set to more transparent.
  2. It was easy to miss one module panel switch or parameter setting.
  3. Module settings from a context menu can be impossible to discern from the image.

It was still a lot of fun to try to get things working as the author had them and quite the learning experience to try to do so and in the process of learning how things work. These days I am less likely to create a patch from image so I just work with patches for which the author has posted the patch in an accessible location such as PatchStorage.

Yesterday I played around with this Omri tutorial and I fairly quickly got lost in trying to re-create some fairly simple things as a lot of details are hidden from direct view. I still had fun though.


Agreed. My patches never sound like tutorial videos. It doesn’t matter. Usually, when I try to patch along to a video, I never get to the end of the video anyway because I start expanding on the patch.

After a couple of years, I have never got more than halfway through Jason’s Arbhar and Lubadh videos.

Omri usually makes his patches available, so you can always download them if you want to see exactly what he’s done.

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Not sure on this one but he often shares his patches on Patreon.

I played with your patch for a while as well as re-listened to Omri’s tutorial on this section and the only thing I found was with the Dark Energy mod input shown below with the red arrow. The knob is just a tad off of 0 and the modulation induced was annoying. Setting it at 0 the patch sounds a lot more like Omri’s to me.

Note, the knob image below is after I set it to 0.


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As already mentioned here, there are quite a few context-menu options that I have set by default, and that might change the overall sound drastically. For example, I have drift and level settings set on the SurgeXT VCOs. I also have the Quad LFOs set to output random voltage and not sine waves, and there are other settings like this that I saved as the default state of the modules. I guess that if I had to rebuild these patches on a clean installation of VCV, I would also not be able to get exactly the same sound…


Thank you so much for all that you do Omri! Appreciate the insight and inspiration to learn more about the various context menus