Why can't I use VCV Library in Rack 2 beta?

Hey all. I recently downloaded V2 beta. The fundamentals it comes loaded with are awesome! So, when I go to the library menu it says it is up to date, but when I go to the library itself to subscribe to, say, Audible Instruments, for example, the library tells me I am already subscribed. I tried un-subbing, re-subbing, closing the program, rebooting, copying my V1 plugins to the V2 folder. Nothing seems to do it. V1 is still installed and works fine. What do I need to do to get V2’s plugins to actually update? Much appreciated!

wait until they are released, or look at the other 100 posts about this.

Do you see any 2.x plugins on the VCV Library right now?

Very new to this, kinda sorry I asked now. I will take the advice to wait.

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I did read your reply, Jens. Thanks for the advice I will wait.