why are there so many posts here from one account?

Is this account a bot? I don’t know, I blocked them.


The"chatGPT" efffect is old for me

I was on another forums…blocking an account is a proof of weakness

If someone is doing bad thing,you can tell it to the administrators

But you have also to prove that you are a serious member…OK?

Yes, this is really annoying, Not only is the account producing meaningless spam, the actual text is also meaningless or at least totally useless and to the point of offensive language.

I have blocked this most recent iteration of the may-be-bot-may-be-not, but it is disruptive still to see 9 HIDDEN REPLY notification in one topic.

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I didn’t think that it could be possible for an AI to post actively … but now I’m afraid.

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There is a bot developer API for an open source forum program. Not sure that is what is happening here.

Edit: Whereas this sounds unlikely, one iteration of a suspected bot here in February said that it was a bot and told how it could have been created through a specific open source forum software bot development API through a Github back channel. I reported this to VCV Support in early March and they said they would look into it. One of the symptoms is a user account that appears to regularly change its name while retaining the exact same signature of behavior.

If it turns out it is a Bot, I’d be very disappointed in the intelligence of AI.


It could always being a human pretending to be a bot. It really does not make much sense to me. But, it is very disruptive.

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Yeah, I was just joking around, and I’m sorry if my previous post was a bit rude, but I’ve really tried to give this guy the benefit of the doubt, but to no avail. I thought maybe it’s a translation thing, but the hostility is definitely there.

It is extremely irritating, because I really enjoy coming here and listening to what people have created, and to show support and interest. But then have to fight through a bunch of rubbish this guy posts. And I’ll really feel sorry for somebody who nervously posts their first patch here, and then gets harassed.

Anyway, whatever, now I’m ranting :rofl:. I’ll shut up now, please don’t block me.


Yeah, I knew you were joking around, but there is an element of truth to what you said. After having worked in A.I. and with chatbot development over the past 35 years, I know from first hand experience that A.S. (artificial stupidity) is much easier to create than is A.I.


This latest account now shows to be suspended.


Let’s hope it doesn’t come back. It’s nice that the blocking works well here, but it’s no fun when your feed is more than half black circles.


Yep, I agree. If history predicts the future, they will re-appear under another user name. I can imagine that it would be very difficult for VCV to prevent this.

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So we need anti-bot bots and we can watch as they fight rock’em sock’em robot style. :wink:


I know you are joking, but the idea of autonomous bot wars scares me. In particular, self-replicating bots could wreak havoc.

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