Who uses VCV Rack in a true stereo or multi channel (quadrophonics, surround,...) setup?

Since I am developing a rather complex… well, it’s a kind of mixer for multi channel formats, I would like to find out if there are VCV Rack users who are working with multi channel formats (quadro, surround,…).

I am asking because for this plugin feedback from beta testers is very important: It is very powerful but it is not trivial to find the best way to handle this power.

In 2019, I have already invested quite a bit of time into this project (maybe 100 hours), and I definitely want to release it in 2020. Since the average donation for the VCO-3340 was ~0.3 cents per user, it is not going to be a free plugin but I think it is nevertheless a very interesting one.

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I use a 7.1 cinema amp for output here, though I only use fronts, rears & a sub atm, so quadro plus a sub. I may add sides (or maybe front tops) & a centre channel at some point. All four outs from VCV go through Mixbus. For quad panning in VCV I use Nysthi. Would gladly beta test.

I have a quad set up. I would very much appreciate multichannel mixing and other tools. (I could technically code them myself but especially something like a mixer gets pretty tiresome to do because of the GUI…) Any details yet what your mixer/thing does?

I have been using ableton with cv tool and other max for live devices to route audio for multichannel performances. I would be very interested being able to do this from vcv. Being able to use modulation sources from within the patch to move things around spatially would be great.

Just a ping @Makers

I just tried out VCO-3340 in the last few days and it sounds really good, thanks.

I have made some surround tracks in VCV Rack but the extra effort in the workflow means it’s not something I do routinely. I have a classic 5.1 setup; might do what Ewen suggests, add two front ups. I’m very interested in anything that makes exploring this area easier/more powerful. I’d be happy to help test.

This is the patch I made recently using VCO-3340

I work with ambisonics for fun, which is perfect for VCV Rack because poly cables support exactly the required 16 channels for 3rd order ambisonics. My new office will have a humble ambisonics speaker array, but anyone can work with ambisonics using headphones with a 3-axis accelerometer.

Quad is so 80’s. Surround is so 90’s. Ambisonics will be the way of the future.

Ah, you’ve discovered that the “donation” business model brings on the order of 1% the money per user vs having a retail price, and assuming that (on the order of) 1% of users turn into commercial users, take $0.003 / 1% / 1% = $30 and you see why most plugins are priced at that rate.

Experimenting with 1st and 2nd order Ambisonics here too. I’m currently using these plugins for Ambisonics processing:

Yeah IEM is great and works with VCV Host up to 8 inputs/outputs.

Ambisonic encoding/decoding is actually pretty easy mathematically, so someone could write an actual Rack module that does all sorts of ambisonics transformations. (If you’ve taken a semester of quantum, a lot of it’s the same stuff!)

I’ve been wondering how difficult it would be for your HostXL module to allow up to 16 channels.

I use 4 channels, front left/right, and rear left/right. A multi channel mixer would be welcome by me.

Would be nice if it had a virtual joystick, gate and control voltage inputs for levels and panning.

Thanks for posting the topic, and looking forward to hearing about your progress with this.