White Noise Wave

I’m looking to make the following idea, but i’m not too sure on how exactly: Have a clock going, connected to a random gate, then when the gate is enabled, trigger a white noise “wave” to fade in and fade out. Not constantly, but at random.

I’ve done it withg the following patches. But I’ve onnly gotten it to play constantly. As in, noise fades in, noise fades out, repeat. My guess here (see image) is that i need to replace the ochd with something else, but I can’t put my finger on it.


(P.D: Just in case, I’m fully aware this could be more efficient. I know, I just want to get it done. Thanks though.)

I do things like this, love using noise in music. I usually send the clock thru Chances ( which can even be CV’d for variable chances) and send the A out to an ADSR set for that smooth fade in out at the VCA. Hook up that chance knob to midi and you can create the “chance” in real time. Sometimes it’s even smoother to open a filter with this setup instead of VCA ( especially the drive on many filters acts a bit like a VCA). I hope I’m any help

I love the NYSTHI AD function generator, because it finishes the envelope even if the gate is short (or when using a trigger).


Or this, a walk for random CV and a comparator for a trigger with two more walks in sample and hold mode to determine the rise and fall of a rampage whose output controls a VCV, play with the rate of the first walk for the trigger rate and with the offset and scale to determine the range of rise and fall speed.

I’m just guessing by looking at your screen shots, but if you’re talking about simulating an actual ocean wave at a beach or some such, consider adding a low-pass filter such that the low frequencies are rolled off at the beginning and end of the wave, so it goes white-pink-white (or pink-red-pink). Use the volume CV to feed into the “CV” input of the filter. (I was using the Bogaudio “VCF” module in my quick & dirty patch to test it.)

Better yet, put the CV through a SLEW module and adjust it for a faster rise and slower fall.

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