Which Valhalla reverb?

I know there are some users on this forum that use Valhalla reverbs. I was recently given a gift certificate for them. I’m curious about people’s opinion? Is there one I should definity get?

Do you want to format your sound?

Reverb,Filter,Delay for example

Filter,Delay,Reverb,for example

Format? Do you mean manipulate subtly or mangle? I already have a number of reverbs I like and know that I can try the Valhalla demos. I already own Shimmer and use Supermassive quite often. I guess I’m just looking for opinions from other users.

Possibly I’m looking for a go to reverb for anything that isn’t sound design. I have generally used Waves TrueVerb for that, but I really don’t like their licensing model.

Valhalla reverb is very widely used

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If you do not want to use it for sound design, I think Valhalla Room is the best option for an all-purpose reverb. It is excellent!


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I think the best all round useful paid Valhalla plugin is the Delay. It can model all sorts of echo machines, tape delays, bucket brigade delays and also some early rudimentary digital reverbs and can vary between pure to lo-fi on the repeats. SuperMassive is good enough even as a free reverb to cover most of the reverb bases.


Depends what kind of sounds you want to make really. The only one I’ve bought is Shimmer, because I wanted that for ambient guitar stuff. Having said that, I made a shimmer for free using Plateau and Clouds with a feedback loop, and that sounds just as good to my ears so I’d probably say VintgeVerb! The delay is a good shout too, why not try the demos and see which one you prefer?

I will try the demos. Asking others opinions is useful though. I wouldn’t even have looked at the delay as @main.tenant suggested. Now I will :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you are only going to get one of the reverbs, then I would say VintageVerb is the best all-rounder.


I’d vote for the VintageVerb too,
It is the one I use a lot, but to be honest there are some free vsts/vcv modules that can sound almost as good, but need some more tweaking. And I like the Valhalla delay too.

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Imo the best advice for choosing between room, vvv, and plate is to spend time with the demos. I would be happy with all three as a go to reverb. They are all very different, and excellent.

Personally I reach for VVV when I want the lofi and downsampled modes, and room when I want lush, realistic sounds. Plate is more niche but it still has lots of flexibility and such rich sound that I could see putting it on everything.

I know you’re asking for reverbs, but I have to +1 the advice to try the Valhalla delay demo too. It’s sooo useful and inspiring, even for reverbs.

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+2 for the Delay being very useful and versatile.

And everyone is right, with trying out the demo, you’ll soon enough discover which one you’ll end up with (first) :upside_down_face:

Thanks for all the opinions. I went looking for a new reverb and found a great delay plugin :upside_down_face:



I’ll have to check out the delay, I’ve enjoyed all the of the Valhalla products I’ve got, probably more than any other VST. I’ve especially gotten a lot of use out of Shimmer for creating extra layers of sounds that I can fade in and out.

i am a massive fan of supermassive (pun intended), and also use vintageverb quite a lot. for me, making ambient music these are the most useful.