Which one should I download

Hello New to vcv rack which one should I download Im running Mac OS 13.5.2 Ventura what the difference between the two versions ? Arm64 or X64 ?


Hi, not all modules are available yet for ARM64, so if you want all module options open to you, best go with x64 for now, but the x64 probably has a slight performance disadvantage compared to the ARM64 version.

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@LarsBjerregaard will have some benchmark data, I expect.

Not at all, at least not yet. The only person I know of that did any kind of measurements is @dlphillips So I only know what I’ve heard in here and based on that I would put it exactly the same way as @marc_boule above. For me the determining factor would be access to everything in the library so on a Mac ARM system I would install the X64 version for now.

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Ah, that’s right. I think “back in the day” you did benchmarks of M1/Rosetta vs Intel Macbook, and determined that M1/Rosetta was significantly better?

No, I did some benchmarks on the new Macbook Air M1 that showed it performing remarkably well with Rack. Other people posted their numbers for various Mac Intel systems which were hard to compare directly, but at least it was clear that M1 was no slouch and very capable. It was over here.