which module it is?


Which module (Audio Midi) is placed in first position of this picture:

from this video:


It is a really old version of Rack (0.3.1).

Those are just the normal Audio 8 and MIDI modules. They just look different now in Rack 1.1.6.

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Ok but is started on my pc FL Studio(my DAW) and VCV Rack.

In Audio 8,FL Studio is not recognized? How to solve that?

What exactly are you trying to do?

2 things:

  1. everything that comes out of the VCV Rack in audio goes into an insert of the FL Studio Mixer

  2. everything that comes out as audio from FL Studio goes into the main audio input of VCV Rack or into an insert of the VCV Rack Mixer

I think he’s trying to set a record for asking questions (while being completely unappreciative of any help) :joy:


Already answered in another one of your many questions. See here how to route audio/midi and (maybe) use bridge: basic questions - #2 by jeremy You maybe have to apply what you learn to another DAW.

for 2)

for 1)


I think he may be a kid who doesn’t have English as a first language so maybe that’s why, but it is a remarkably odd and envelope pushing approach to our understanding of ‘community’.

I have not seen the videos , if you are trying to connect the VCV Rack with your DAW, there are not a "supported " or “official” way to achieve it yet

If you are in windows , my understanding is there are two ways to achieve it


using the deprecated VCV Rack Bridge , you will load the bridge in your DAW (flstudio) then you will use the audio module to connect the VCV Rack with your DAW loading the bridge as your driver.


using your OS inter connectivity capabilities, you should Download some software for it (eg Virtual Audio Cables )

a side note:

I DON’T need (and I think I talk for all here ) thanks for answer any question , but could be great if you show some of your effort and progresses , before ask and ask questions

also, I think , there is not official language for this community, I speak Spanish , and there are lots of users in different languages , if you not feel comfortable writing in English there are not reason for not use your native language