Which Intel HD Graphic is ,,okay´´?


I read the requirements but IF i want to use a PC with Intel HD Graphics. Which would you ,recommend´´

Thanks for reading:)

I wouldn’t recommend any Intel HD Graphics card-

I have a PC with aNvidia 1050 GTX witch is working ok and I got a new notebook with a Nvidia 1060 mobile witch is doing a real good job.

so the graphics card should be at least somewhere near their performance to make it reakly usefull imho.

I agree, but there are some Intel GFX that actually work with VCV, even if the performance isn’t great. don’t know how you know - it depends so much on how new the drivers are, if they were ported to win10, etc…

which one does it?

and do they work ok or good or great?

I’m using Rack with and Intel HD Graphics 4600 and never had a problem. I think my other laptop had a Intel HD 4000 (or another one in the similar series) and really never experience an issue. Performance is good on an i5.

No graphics card here, just using the stock HD 630 in the processor, and it works perfectly. I think it’s just the pre-HD4000 that might have problems, but don’t quote me on that.

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I used to run everything on a 8 year old laptop with an i7 and just integrated HD4000, which was ok at fullHD and a limited framerate of 30fps, but it was getting very hot and the fan very loud… so if you are going for that I would recommend to get something with a good cooling system if possible.

If you need a laptop and want to keep power consumption down it might be acceptable, but if you get a desktop PC just get a graphics card for 30$ or more and it shoud be better.

Very thanks for you answers. I will look for a desktop PC with the named IntelHD. And if not enough i will build in a Graphic card:)