Where is Hora Flux BBD Delay documentation?

So am I missing something? Is there a manual for the Hora Flux BBD Delay module? I didn’t find it in any of the Hora PDF docs.

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Ooh, he used the “d” word… How dare you?!? :wink:

Well yer a lot of help! :sleepy::cowboy_hat_face::100::boom::monkey_face:

I couldn’t find one but i didn’t look that hard. There is only one knob that i don’t really get the use of on it so i didn’t worry too much.

This was posted on facebook when it was released


The one knob i didn’t get was the speed knob. Let me just see if I can grasp what it does…

edit: yeah, i guess i kind of see what it’s for.

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VCVRack plug-ins can have the name and units show up when you right click on them. Hora didn’t do that.

I just assumed it was one of those modules where it was about the fun of experimentation.

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I agree but I think that could be said for all modules?