Where are the favorites saved

My computer somehow destroyed racks configuration and now I’m down to a fresh start. How do I recover from this?

I just updated from my previous version of Rack 2.x.x Pro to version 2.5.1 and experienced maybe what happened to you a few minutes ago.

I am running on Linux. Previously, all my patches and etc. were saved in /home/.Rack2/patches but now they seem to have moved after first running VCV Rack after the update to /home/.local/share/Rack2/patches. All the other supporting folders are there as well.

I discovered that when I looked in the drop down menu in VCV Rack > Help > Open user folder.

I hope this helps.

That help tremendously. On Win10 it is running from C:\Users\shofb\AppData\Local\Rack2 I didn’t know that. Thank you for helping

Awesome!! Happy patching to you.

Oh. I thought you were looking for a list of favorited modules, which are tagged in the settings.json file.

    "VCV-Recorder": {
      "Recorder": {
        "favorite": true,
        "added": 54,
        "lastAdded": 1714010589.8958938

But non-favorites just lack that line.

      "AudioInterface16": {
        "added": 1,
        "lastAdded": 1680917377.101589