When to expect the 2.1 release?

It was announced on the developement blog. I’ve been using it. At first not being able to ctrl-Drag modules to shove others threw me, but everything I used to do with ctrl-Drag, I do with selecting a bunch of modules and dragging.

The new dragging behavior is confusing until you get the hang of it, then you wonder how you did without it!

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have you been getting any new mystery crashes? been trying to find some issues, unclear what the variables are…

Rack hasn’t crashed for me in a long time.

Most of my patches played in 2.10 were horribly distorted for some reason, no crashes though I only tried it for around half an hour. I reverted back to 2.0.6, life’s too annoying already to mess around trying to find out why.

I’ve been running 2.1.0 and building against the 2.1.0 SDK since it was pre-released in late February. I am still not used to the module drag changes and spend a lot of time fighting with it and undoing. Just a few days ago I switched to your method of selecting a group of modules before dragging and that is working much better. I just have to remember to NEVER try to drag a single module. I can never get good results with that.

I have had few crashes since I started using 2.1.0 until this week when I have had many. I still don’t understand what might have changed this week, and how it could have changed. It still could be that Windows changed something. I just had to do a 2nd Win11 update of the week.

I posted here regarding what I am learning about the two Windows updates of this week. Apparently this was a fairly major update and there are seemingly a lot of reports of end user problems after Monday’s update that Wednesday’s update attempts to fix. It is still a confusing story, so I deleted my post as it is hard to tell at present just what things broke and what has been fixed.