What's your favourite clock generator and why?

I am just beginning to explore clock generators in Rack. What’s your favourite one(s) and why?


So far, i’m a big fan of Clocked from Impromptu Modular :slight_smile:
It’s still a simple to use module, but it has many options, so it can fit everyone
Also the fact that it has 3 dividers/multipliers is so cool ! (You could even get more by chaining various Clocked modules :wink:)


I know everyone will say clocked, but I really like the ZZC one because, er, it looks awesome :slight_smile:


I really like Impromptu Modular Clocked. The swing, delay and pulse width functionality are brilliant.
For more ambient stuff I tend to use an LFO, it all depends really on what I’m trying to achieve.
That’s the beauty of modular, there are no rules only choices.


Yes Clocked is King but I agree with roomofwires that the ZZC one is very beautiful and like their sequencer is quite useful.


Thank you, guys!

Any LFO will do for a clock source

Yes, this is was I have been using until now!

Like @down_of_hares , it depends what we want to do and what we need, there are so many usefull modules, then a sequencer can clock another sequencer…there is no rules or maybe just one: staying in sync.


Unless not staying in sync is your intention :wink:


I love Clocked. There’s a preview build on Github that includes some additional options as to when to send reset signals that means I can finally use it to drive any sequencer and keep things in sync, even if that means running multiple instances (e.g. one instance of Clocked to reset on stop, another to reset on start).

Then add in the clock dividers/multipliers, clock delays, PW options, ability to daisy chain, and you’ve got the top featured clock.

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