What's the use case for hold and track?

This is relevant to the new VCV Process module in particular, but to modules providing “track and hold” in particular.

What are some valid musical use cases?

When I use Sample & Hold I’m grabbing random values from noise for various applications. Track and Hold on a noise source is just noise punctuated by periods of constant values when the gate is high.

The only use I came up with for Track & Hold is when the input is a pitch CV (from a sequencer or MIDI) you can ‘freeze’ the pitch with a trgger/gate input.

That could be a cool effect but it must be more useful than that.

An example ‘Track & Hold’ Patch. A Bernoulli Gate set to ‘Toggle’ mode provides a gate to the Process module which freezes the pitch CV until the Bernoulli gate goes low.

2022-07-17.vcv (11.3 KB)

I don’t know the answer, but I know track and hold is used a lot…


this is not a musical example per se, but in this patch, you can see the value briefly dips to 0 when the key is pressed, so i needed track and hold to fix it. or i couldve delayed the s&h gate. for stroke cv scaled output 1 through 8 with scope.vcvs (13.4 KB)

I’ve found it quite useful for making basslines in the past. I put a sequence through it and trigger it at certain intervals so that now and then there is a walk up/down kind of thing.

The lo-fi distortion trick in that video is worth the price of admission alone.

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