What's the best way to make a set of predefined voltages and randomly pick one of them?

Or any other way to…

… when a polyphonic v/oct goes into the Macro Oscillator 2, turning the Harmonics knob sounds kind of like dialing in chord inversions at 25, 50, 60, 75% . I want to modulate the dialing to those values (and then slew the changes)

What’s the best way to make a set of predefined voltages and randomly pick one of them

You could try setting up a couple of voltages with Nysthi “Fixed Voltage Source” or 1 of the Submarine modules (SS221 / SS212 / SS208) depending on your needs.

Then route these voltages into a switch/router, for example Bogaudio 8:1 Modulate the step speed with clock random clock input, or modulate the steps themself with random Step CV.

Ofcourse there are many other ways, most likely some easier or better then this solution.

Hope this helps.

This’ll work nicely, thanks!

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fixed voltage is great for this and the ML sequential switch modlule is great for random steps and you could use squinky labs gray code for a random clock or …


I’ve been using towers and SwitchN:1 from 23volts to do similar things.

towers outputs the fixed voltages on a poly cable and SwitchN:1 can pick one from the poly channels by sequential stepping or CV

in this case a random CV input does the random picking

note, your towers might not look exactly like this (update on its way to the library, or here), but this example works without the new stuff.


You can slew the changes by using a TRANSIT from stoermelder to transition from one set of voltages to another after setting them up.