What would I need to integrate VCV with my Elektron HW gear please?


I have an Elektron Digitakt, Digitone and a Typhon Dreadbox which I love, especially for ambient music. I use the Digitone as the master clock and it also sequences the Typhon. All my audio comes out of the Digitakt due to it’s compressor.

I’ve been wanting to add some Eurorack gear to my setup for effects and also for some nice arpeggios and movement to my setup then I found VCV which I’ve been learning for a couple of days.

Is there a way I can connect my HW and VCV together? If so what extra gear would I need to accomplish this please?


VCV has midi out so I think all you would need is midi output from your computer going to the midi in on your Keystep (and set the midi out on the Keystep to work as midi thru).

Would I need some sort of HW audio Interface for the PC to use for that then with Midi?

I meant you’d need a hardware midi interface, not an audio interface.

Thinking about it more though, you probably don’t even need an interface at all as your Keystep connects to your computer by USB so you can send the midi out to it over that.

So you don’t need anything other than what you already have.

I don’t own any Elektron gear. But reading about it, it seems that the digitakt units can stream audio t/from a vst on the host “overbridge” (Win or Mac) - you would need to buy VCV Host to do that - VST hosting is not included. And I’m guessing you can do midi over usb to the digitakt too.

Try searching Youtube for “overbridge” and “digitakt”

I see, I just have my Keysteps midi out going into the Digitakt as I like to use it on the Digitone. So I should be able to use the USB cable from the Keystep into my computer and that will allow VCV to receive/send midi to the Digitakt? I’d like to hit play on the Digitakt and it starts VCV rack and also send the clock to it.

The USB cable from the Keystep into your computer will allow you to receive/send midi to the Keystep. You should be able to then send midi on to the Digitakt from there by setting the key steps midi out port to be a midi thru port in settings.

You currently have no midi connection coming back the other way though from the Digitakt to the key step. so your keystep and in turn your computer would not be receiving any midi from the Digitakt until you resolve that. You might find it’s easier to start/stop things from VCV and use VCV to clock things - but you’ll need to experiment and see what works best.

I wonder if I can USB from the Digitakt to the Computer instead using Elektron’s Overbridge.

Yes you can. I use linux and don’t ever use Overbridge.