What Was Your First Nightmare?

What is the earliest nightmare you can recall?

Mine: I was 5 years old and my parents had this old brushed silver stereo receiver. In the dream this thing screamed at me in an extremely booming, terrifying voice. I cowered in the corner, curled up in a little ball while it continued screaming.

I don’t remember the first one but the last one had something to do with this guy:



I was alone in a kinda pre-historical planet earth, and I was falling into a volcano


First one I can remember is a ridiculous one I had for years as a kid. I’m up on a high tree branch inching my way towards a giant bird’s nest. There is one huge egg in the nest. It cracks open, revealing…

…a dalek screeching “EXTERMINATE!”. I awoke sweating.

after watching this movie, this was the first time I felt horror, dreaming of this shit over and over.

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Nothing has given me nightmares more than the TV movie Threads. There is nothing scarier than the threat of global nuclear war and nuclear winter.

To think that this came out within months of this almost happening for real

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