What sound/music/sequencing apps do you use on your phone?

Just being curious:

What sound/music/sequencing apps do you use on your phone?
What are your experiences with these apps?

sunvox, hexen, and an app just called “fm synthesizer”. sunvox is the program i have used for longest, though i haven’t used it much on my phone, mostly pc. it is a combination between modular sound design workflow and tracker composition. you can get a somewhat similar workflow to vcv by using the sound2ctl, velocity2ctl, and pitch2ctl modules, but the generative options are fairly limited because it’s sequenced linearly, though you can pick random rows to play from a pattern, and random pitch and phase and volume variation with multisynth, and you can do granular stuff as well with multisynth and sampler. hexen is like vcv rack, because its a eurorack type thing. mostly vcv rack is much better, but hexen is better in a few aspects. fm synthesizer is a nice toy because every finger you place on the screen is an additional fm operator, and you move your fingers around freely to control pitch and fm level.

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I use AmpliTube to practice guitar. but with the I/O it’s only practical if I put my iPad in a stand, and my “new” iPad doesn’t fit in my “old” stand. But it’s great to have something that sounds ok, has a metronome, and a really good tuner. I also use the tuner to set the intonation on my guitar. I should get a new stand…

Sunvox is amazing ! I prefer working with it on PC, but it’s worth getting the phone version since it’s the only one paid and supports the dev :slight_smile: It’s also soon going to get an update with a more awesome FM module ! I’m super excited about it :smiley:


I have an old android phone so I think the only music making apps I have installed are Roland Zenbeats (groovebox style app) and the Boss Tuner app.

personally i would be more interested in a fix for the high latency of the feedback module, rather than another fm module, though the fm2 module does look interesting. the high latency of the feedback module makes it unusable for karplus type stuff, and while you can use the echo module for that, you can’t put a filter directly into the echo module’s feedback path, so you have to bandpass stuff afterwards.

Most software, other than VCV rack operates on at least a host buffer of latency in loops.

the thing is, other modules in sunvox have much shorter latency than the feedback module, also to use feedback in sunvox you have to patch 2 feedback modules together, which is a weird design choice that would add slightly to the latency, but maybe it’s unavoidable because of how it’s designed.

I know SunVox for quite a long time but IMHO my phone’s screen is too small for this app. I’m also messing around with nanoloop that comes with a minimalistic and more phone-friendly interface. On the other hand, Caustic (Android only) looks like Reason back in the early days and comes with a patchable modular synth. Not to forget FL Studio (afaik this is also Android only).

The main music app I use on the phone is Hainbach/BramBos’s Gauss Field Looper. I spend quite a bit of time waiting in the car and sometimes I just mess about recording background sound, myself and the dog.

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I learnt Synthesis on Caustic, great app ! Especially on Android where there is much less choice. The 2 best imo are Caustic and Sunvox (but sunvox can be run on Computer for more comfort :slight_smile: )

Skrot is fun.

Originally i found it on Google play - it’s not there now, but can be found on other apk sites.

And I bought FL Studio mobile + extra instrument packs - worth the price IMO.

Eternal Flow “Drone” for Android isn’t bad for generative music. You can select some or all of the instruments, and change the tempo, but have no control over the algorithm or whatever. It’s free and ad-less.

The Eternal Flow"Dub" app sorta goes with it, but unfortunately there is no way to change the volume level independently from the Drone app, and it tends to drown it out.

I was looking for outboard reverbs to integrate as FX-Send into my mixer, for when I don’t want to fire up my PC. All those nice outbord-reverbs are quite expensive (empress reverb was the one I was interested in). Then there was a video about an App called “Altispace 2” which is a convolution reverb that comes with a TON of classical reverb IR’s for 6.99€. That is now running on my IPad with a behringer UMC-Interface in the FX of my mixer and is awesome. I never thought about using the Ipad as an FX-Unit. In addition I bought the Eventide reverb collection as well. Blackhole, Shimmerverb and MangledVerb are crazy good sound design tools.

Hexen seems to have solved the latency issues for touch screen.

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