What should be my first DAW with Rack Pro?

Be sure to give Renoise a try then

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Well well, wadda you know. I just started Rack 2 by accident and noticed a new 2.0.2 release is ready. And lookie here what it says in the changelog:

Rack Pro

  • Save/restore plugin window size in patch.

Speak of the devil eh? Looking forward to try this.

I did, couldn’t live with the UI on Mac and it seemed generally cryptic. Waveform Free definately looks and feels nicer and more approachable.

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working as expected…

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I agree 100%. Those are the only 2 reasons I would run Rack as a plugin inside a DAW. If Rack ever includes these features in future releases, I’m sure I’ll ditch the DAW. Except for final mixing/mastering. Which anyways gets done once all the completed tracks are bounced. But that is just the way I work. Others have different workflows.


Well damn… In Waveform Free, with Rack Pro 2.0.2, the Rack VST window is still always set to a certain size, which doesn’t happen with “a certain other competitor”. It’s weird though - if I resize the plugin window, then close it, then open it, for a split second it starts at the size I left it and then it resizes back to a smaller size, always the same size. But it remembers the placement of upper left corner of the window. Weird… I did however manage to unbind F11 in macOS and the DAW so now F11 actually gives me a fullscreen Rack window which is workable for spending some time there.

Same in Reaper. But in another topic @Nik confirmed that this only works on Windows (and Linux?), doesn’t work on Mac.

have someone tested helio ? seems nice and cute

Hmm… so appearently in 2.0.3 or 2.0.3b today, F11/fullscreen was removed when running as a VST. That’s not so nice and seems like a step back. However it still works when running standalone. Also I discovered that zoom-level is reset to 100% each time you open the VST window again, which is annoying, unlike when running standalone. This all feels somehow connected and a bit unfinished, and I think the VST needs a seperate “overlay” config file.

But the good news is that as of 2.0.3b the VST now has a seperate template from the standalone, so that’s progress :slight_smile:

Looks like it’s only a sequencer, not for recording audio and so not really a DAW.

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Zoom is persistent for me in 2.0.3b and bitwig.

Still works here (2.0.3b, Bitwig, W10)

It’s never been ideal though - always goes to fullscreen on the primary monitor, which isn’t necessarily where the floating plugin window is…

I put in a FR for it a few days ago. Thanks @Richie!

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I only passed the request on to Andrew - he gets all the credit!


Cool :slight_smile: Thanks Andrew.

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Ah… I tried again. It was not persistent when loading an existing track, but when creating a whole new project and track, the zoom level is persistent now in 2.0.3b.

Not here (2.0.3b, Waveform Free or Reaper, Mac). But it worked in 2.0.2, it’s simply gone from the view menu. Is it there for you?

Good man!

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yup - nothing’s changed at all there! a mac/win thing perhaps?

Well you never know, but it was there in the view menu on 2.0.2 and now it’s gone.

I don’t think F11 ever worked on my machine.

This is exactly why I love Max4Live. You can drop in a Manual CC Mapper v2 M4L Device to route things where you want them to go within Ableton. Not perfect, but good option for Live users.

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I get the impression that Windows user are getting a better experience from this than MacOS users (I am one!)… In the previous version, a “Full screen” option was present in the "view’ menu. Now that’s gone… you can’t drag the VST window size… and the little green “full” screen green apple window dot is disabled (upper left)). “F11” has zero effect. I don’t like working in VCV using a tiny window!

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Windows doesn’t have it so easy either…

There is the “Fullscreen” menu option that does work for the VST but in a multi-monitor setup it only goes fullscreen onto the primary monitor.

The “maximise” control is NOT present on the VST title bar so you have to use the menu option.

The “F11” shortcut does not work for the VST, instead the main daw window accepts that input and will maximise when pressed despite the VST having focus. Also the “Windows + Up Arrow” shortcut does not work in the VST.

In Ableton, on a multi-monitor setup when you use the fullscreen menu option you get a fullscreen rack window but there is a strange duplicate VST window that kind of sits behind the fullscreen window and may be entirely visible depending on where the VST window was when you chose to go fullscreen. Bitwig doesnt work much better, in fact its the same other than I dont get that strange duplicate window.