What’s the best way to criticise FOSS projects?

The Linux After Dark podcast talks in this episode about a topic that sounded very familiar to me.


Being Rack free and open source with many many users, it is subject to receiving many feature requests. Some of those requests need to be turn down without making the requester feel ignored or dismissed. Something similar happens with my free plugins.

Listen the episode if you are interested in the topic.


Nice podcast. I’d say that if you want to give critique to open-source developers, nobody will be offended by factual, fair, and unemotional feedback. Instead of

Ubuntu developers really need to try installing their own OS, it doesn’t work and nobody can even figure out how to install it! They just lost a customer.

Say this instead

When installing Ubuntu, I was prompted to partition my hard drive, but when I clicked “New partition”, there was an error message saying “Partition table is corrupted”. I successfully installed Red Hat afterwards, so this ticket is low priority and I am reporting it for the benefit of others who may have a similar issue.