What plugin is good for generating note # constants?

Here’s my scenario:

  1. Use drum sequencers, and merge all trigger outs into one polyphonic cable to Gate In on a Sampler in VCV Host.
  2. Have a source of constant values, one per trigger out, and feed those constants into Pitch In on that sampler.

The idea is that I could choose notes to send to the Sampler in Host, to pick out different drum hits in the kit.

Ideally you’d be able to see what MIDI note is being sent to the Sampler in VCV Host.

Does that make sense?

TL;DR I want to play drum Kits in Kontakt!

Bogaudio RefTone if you want to see it clearly and change it with a knob. Submarine has a few constant chromatic note generators, if you want to change a note, by changing a connection.

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I agree with Markus. If moving a cable is OK every time you want to change a note (true constants), then the Submarine modules should work really well.

The SS-212 provides a one octave chromatic scale, and you can set the octave via the context menu. It is only 2 hp.

If you need to cover many octaves and want a single module, then the SS-220 provides a 10 octave chromatic scale, but it is 20 hp

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You mean like this?

Often used together with this:

An old fashioned sequencer is kind of ideal for this. in a way.


Oh, and you are fortunate you have fancy kontakt drum kits. But for the less well-heeled there are lots of good free drum kits in SFZ format that play nicely in a free SFZ player.

And it’s a lot easier to use.