What is the name of the Sticky Tape labels plugin?

Can anyone here tell me what‘s the name of the „stick tape labels“ plug-in? I just can’t find it.


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Thanks so much. And for all your other great plugins.

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It really should have some better/more tags associated with it. I knew I already had the GLUE module in my library but I didn’t remember what it was called, so I just spent an hour looking for it (in my library and on vcvrack.com), with “visual”, “utility”, “label”, “sticker”, “post-it”, “tape”, etc. for search terms.

Now this is ironic: You can’t use the GLUE module to put a label on the GLUE module. :thinking:

You can label one glue from another glue though.

The list of allowable tags is pretty small, and it tends to cover only very conventional modules. My first module was a frequency shifter, but the closest tag is “ring modulator”.