What is the max amount of data that is practical with dataToJson?

I have spooked myself…

I have a vague memory of recently reading something about saving too much data via the JSON methods and what an appropriate alternative might be… but now I can’t find it

I am looking into making my Kalkatron module polyphonic so my concern is that the number of variables I am storing currently (which would likely increase as I add more functions) multiplied by the 16 channels would end up being too much data to be practical.

Do I correctly recall the JSON data might be truncated in some circumstances?

Can anyone point me to this memory, or shed any light on how much data the JSON methods can reasonably handle?

Around 100 kB I’d switch to using module patch storage.


Thanks Andrew, are there any docs on that, or an example?

Ah not to worry, found an example here

Totally didn’t need to be concerned, even with 13 multi-channel variables and 19 singular variables in my data, storage only works out to ~8kb, good to know I am nowhere near pushing the JSON limits :sunglasses: