what is the correct way to handle textures for V2

@Vortico : The porting instructions say not to hold onto any off-screen images between draw calls. But it’s often highly desirable.

There is a squinky labs module (Colors) that generates a monochrome texture of “noise” and uses it to animate the UI. I used to create this in the widget constructor and free it in the widget destructor. That crashes in V2, although @robert.kock has got it to not crash.

@synthi shared a method he found works.

But what it the “right” way to do something like this?

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You can actually store NanoVG image handles across frames, but you must destroy them in Widget::onContextDestroy() and recreate them in Widget::onContextCreate(). Between these events, the window, OpenGL, and NanoVG contexts do not exist, and they are different when recreated and cannot be used with image handles of the previous context.


oh, cool. Is that a typo? maybe you re-create them in onContextCreate?

Yes, typo fixed!