What happened to the Apple Silicon build of VCV?

The last update we had was March the 9th. As an Apple User it’s a bit frustrating that I can’t use VCV as part of my workflow anymore - the Apple Silicon build always crashes on startup.

Is there any reason the Apple Silicon release has gone dark?

I have no idea why it has “gone dark”, but I am very surprised that it crashes on you at startup every time, it works without problem here (VCV 2.3, OsX 13.4.1)

No problem with VCV 2.3 on my Silicon iBook Ventura

The last github codebase worked well here. I build it from source, Mac M1 Mini, Monterey 12.2.

Have you tried clearing your Rack user folder? I sometimes experience crashes when switching between the x64 and ARM64 version of Rack. The problem goes away when I start Rack with a fresh user folder.