What happened to Audible Instruments preview?

Some time ago, I bought the AI preview module, which would have granted me early access to MI ports on Rack, before other people. As I love exclusivity AND Mutable Instruments, it seemed like a nice deal.

But then, no new modules were published under that name. Instead, every Mutable port was crowdfunded, asking for MORE money to the community. And those who paid for preview? They didn’t get anything earlier (at least I didn’t).

Whatever happened there? Can I get a refund?

Audible Instruments Preview is a plugin that allows you to try recently released Mutable Instruments modules before their firmware source code is available to the public.

Recent VCV fundraisers, on the other hand, have funded VCV Rack ports of “old” Mutable Instruments modules such as Streams. Since Streams was released in 2014, it wouldn’t belong in the Audible Instruments Preview plugin but still needed a lot of analog modeling work, so we launched a fundraiser instead.

Since 80% of sales of this plugin goes to the Direct Relief international charity, and the Preview plugin hasn’t been for sale for years, this plugin cannot be refunded.

So Beads, Blades and Ripples 2020 aren’t going to be released on Preview then?

it does happen that specifically on preview they’re released before the source code.