What happend to KarplusStrong Poly Module?

I recently notice the absence of this module from Beacon Music in the VCV browser. What happended to this module?, any plan for his return or a simple bug?

It was hidden by the dev 14 days ago.

“add the modules people should avoid to hidden: true”

" Next week, we will release the new surge xt modules which will contain the surge string oscillator. The surge string oscillator is similar to this module as a starting point, but with many more features, so I’m moving KSPoly to hidden in bacon plugs and encouraging people to move to surge when we release it shortly. " github issue comment

github commit


Thanks! :slight_smile:

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If you want it in your browser, you can change the relevant "hidden": true to "hidden": false in Rack\plugins\BaconMusic\plugin.json.


Surge’s should also sound much better :wink:

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