What does zero mean in MindMeld mixers?

Is zero 0 dB (10 v)? 0 dBV (1V)? something else?

0dB in the track faders/VUs is 5V, but in the master it is 10V (when clipping is set to hard). This was a design choice since the master goes to the audio module where 10V is the max, but in the individual tracks we figured levels should be a bit lower before they are mixed, and we went with 5V = 0 dB. This does not follow the recommendations, but it felt right so we left it like that.


That sounds reasonable, seems to reflect how people use rack - 5V is zero for most people. I have to say I’ve been “trained” to use more like 12 or 20 dB of headroom in a DAW, instead of what people did decades ago in the “16 bit” world, which was max everything out with maybe 6 dB of headroom. I guess a big difference is that it doesn’t matter if you clip in VCV.

Here’s the level standard for reference to compare MindMeld’s behavior: “Absolute decibel measurements (e.g. for VU meters) should be relative to 10V amplitude”, in other words 0dB = 10V amplitude.

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I might be quoting the wrong code, but if you go in too hot in Audio8, then it will clip and should be avoided.

The 1.f clamping is because the 10V signal was reduced here:

So I would think that going above 0dB will cause distortion.

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Also a lot of module will clip at 10V. Actually they are supposed to do that.

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I think it fits perfectly Marc and I really enjoy the mixer. I think it fits the recommendations as well: An oscillator is expected to deliver max. 5V and the audio module is expecting input at max. 10V, so it makes all the sense in the world. It even fits my Eurorack signals coming in via the ES-9 perfectly. I have also verified the VU for the master level with recording through Soundflower to Audacity and the clipping level is spot on. So all the levels just make complete sense to me and are just perfect. For what it’s worth, to me, the Mindmeld VU’s are the only ones that make sense to me (+ the VCV Recorder signal meter), the other ones are all off in each their funky way. Again, great work Marc!


Thanks so much Lars, glad you like the VUs :slight_smile:

The behaviour as is in MixMaster seems fine to me, just watch the output for clipping and tweak individual levels to taste. The EQMaster is excellent to see if anything clips on input already and reign it in.