"What does this knob do?" Episode 1-13 - A pdf about the videos

(Norbert Denninger) #1

Hello world, I promised new episodes of “what does this knob do?” and they will come, but first here is a summary about the first 13 episodes. It’s a huge pdf book with over 170 pages and an image of every module I presented. But that’s not all. You can jump via click from the index to the module and to the respective time in the video. The index is sorted by type, name of the module and developer. And there is a link inside to the overview tables, where I compare the features of the modules. I hope, you find it helpful. I know,I need it to keep track. :love_you_gesture::sunglasses:

Is anyone interested in a reference handbook?
(Nik Jewell) #2

What an amazing resource Norbert and a staggering amount of work. Respect !

(Nikolai V. Chr.) #3

Very nice with such a PDF reference, thank you.

(Lars Bjerregaard) #4

Holy cow Norbert, that’s amazing! Thanks.

(Benjamin Dauer) #5

An incredible contribution :raised_hands: Thank you!

(Adi Quinn) #6

Rack hero status! What an amazing thing you did Norbert!