What does "anniversary" mean?

Just about every day I get a notification here that I have earned Anniversary. What does that mean, and why do I get it every day?


btw, I kind of like these badges. I think I’ve earned all of them long ago.


If you click the badge, you get info on what it means.

This specific one: “Active member for a year, posted at least once”

List of all badges: https://community.vcvrack.com/badges


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Is expected that one would get this badge many,many times in a single year?

I used to be part of Axoloti forum for years, which uses this same structure.

I only got it once a year, as far as i remember :slight_smile:

And also based on the name of it, I’d assume it’s an anual badge.

Are you getting that one often? :slight_smile:

My original post said every day. But maybe it’s the same one. I’ll click on it and see if it goes away.

Well it says it’s only been warded to me 5 times, once for each of the years I’ve been posting here. So maybe it will go away. Perhaps simple user error,

Ahh sorry, I missed that :slight_smile:

Maybe the badge manager has gone rogue? :joy:

Did you ever dismiss the notice? It goes away for me after I do.

Just tried that. Will report back.