What Do You Want To See In VCV?

MPE support (this is just mapping poly cables to MIDI channels) for VCV Host modules.

I don’t get it… I mean, i understand your frustration about ergonomics, but you don’t HAVE to use modules that you find uncomfortable to work with. As you said yourself, “if you don’t have to do something…then why do it?”

I disagree, but even if it is true, VCV is not a real modular, so you have lots of things that you can do here as a developer that wouldn’t be possible in real world. So why should they stick to the real modular stuff? Just to please the hardware purists? Also, modulars are kinda expensive, so i wouldn’t blame anyone, developer or not, for not having a real hardware modular. I really enjoy the diversity that different collections provide. Sure, some of the modules are weird and uncomfortable to work with. But you have dozens of modules with similar if not the same functionality that are much more pretty and\or convenient and\or big and\or transparent\comprehensible.

Sorry for this long post, I had nothing better to do in this sunday morning…


Most of the coders make their plugins for free.

And I can say for sure (because I am one of the coders) that all of them spend a lot of time an effort on designing their graphical interfaces.

Maybe it makes sense to contact one or the other coder and start a discussion on the graphics design of a particular module and make some suggestions for improvement on that particular module.

Personally, I don’t want to have my modules look like Mutable Instruments. Just let’s discuss Braids: In the real world, it’s ok to have a knob for selecting the waveform. On the screen, I would like to have a drop-down-menu for that. And I think this module would fit nicely on 8 HP, it doesn’t need 16 HP.

The more unused space a module occupies, the more I have to scroll, even on smaller patches. Zooming out is not an option because even the text on the Mutable Instruments modules is not readable on 50% zoom setting.

Resume: Yes, I can make my modules as wide as I want. What do you think about this one?


Simple answer: because he wants to. Antonio (Nysthi) has stated more than once that he makes his modules for himself. He is kind enough to release them publicly in case anyone else wants to use them too. They are free. It’s the biggest single collection in Rack. He has collaborated with Pyer on the design of some of his modules like Simpliciter and the 208 series - they are still quite tightly packed but the UI is improved.

Having said that, in the past, when people have pointed out that there isn’t a module in Rack that does X, a Nysthi module that does exactly that has usually appeared quickly, often within hours - which makes me a little suspicious that Antonio does sometimes make modules for other people too - not just himself :wink: . A couple of years back, when I mentioned there was no tuning and calibration offset module for hardware analog VCOs in Rack, Antonio immediately contacted me asking for a spec of what such a module needed to do and Tunathor appeared the same day (this was before the Silent Way collection made it to Rack). I’ll always be grateful for that.

Please don’t complain about free stuff. If you don’t like it, use something else. There are plenty of other envelopes. Or better yet, code your own and release it for free. If you don’t like small modules it’s probably worth avoiding anything with µ in the name…

I’m pretty sure Antonio has a hardware Eurorack btw…


I can’t figure out what half the Mutable stuff does, they don’t have nearly enough knobs. More little knobs!

No just eurorack. I recently posted a photo of classic synths at MESS and Antonio has many of them in his own collection


Most of the Nysthi knobs have a CV input. So if you have a problem with the small knobs, just plug something like Vult Knobs into that CV input. And then you get a very big knob with which you can do with as you please. Personally, I love the Nysthi modules.


Wow - it’s probably safe to say that Antonio’s tendency towards small modules has nothing to do with a lack of hands-on experience with hardware then :rofl:

I reckon it might be related to his fascination with calculators…


Actual Mutable modules. But, I should have mentioned that although the trim pots are small in diameter and less than a fingers width apart in the horizontal direction, they are very usable due to their height and separation from other components in the vertical direction.

Actually, what I was getting at is that one cannot make a blanket statement regarding the relationship between knob size and usability and functionality. Functionality trumps all else for me personally.

Module diversity is important to me.


Another area of interest to me are those expensive boutique modules that just do one wacky thing nothing else does. For instance, I would never pay a couple of hundred for a singing robot module, but I’d absolutely love to try one out.


You might want to demo the Pink Trombone module.

Also Plaits “hidden” speak and spell mode or Nysthi S.A.M.

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Reminds me of xoxos’ voice synth stuff:xoxos - payola - YouTube

it’s awful easy to make a VCV plugin. Don’t know what kind of documentation you are seeking.

Heres a strange one. I would like to see a module color shader. Instead of having everyone have to develop different colors for their modules, what if there was some sort of overlay or gradient that could be applied over modules similar to how photoshop/Gimp uses transparent gradient tools over layers?

I would also like to see more original semi modular machines that could compete with actual semi modular hardware in the market.


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I need MiDi CV modules with relative MIDI controls. I don’t know if exist. I don’t find anything about that. Cheers!

A CV (bool) controllable Bypass module that “attaches” to a module allowing you to bypass a module programmatically. Use case: I am trying to set up a matrix that will turn on/off voices depending on the row you are at. Although this effect can be achieved by using a CV level controlled VCA (which is probably one among many workarounds), having just one module do this for you greatly simplifies the process.