what do we need to do to update the toolchain?

@cschol : the instructions for the toolchain say that when the sdk changes, we should run:

make rack-sdk-clean
make rack-sdk-all

I did that, but I think I need to re-build the toolchain? but when I run

make toolchain-all

it says it’s all up to date…

What should we do to maintain our rack toolchains when the SDK updates?

The toolchain makefile will need an update. It’s still on 241

Sorry pressed send too soon

So if that said 250 and presumably version 15 it should then update

haha - but that was enough for my dumb brain. need to git pull in the toolchain folder. Doh!

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Yes. The version of the SDK in the toolchain will be updated once Rack 2.5.0 is released.

For now, just update the RACK_SDK_VERSION manually to 2.5.0 and run make rack-sdk-clean and make rack-sdk-all. You should not have to rebuild the toolchain itself.

Note, that I haven’t tested this myself, but will do so tonight.

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Hi @cschol. I didn’t know about these, so I was curious to read how the Makefile interprets these commands. I’m looking through all the files $RACK_DIR/*.mk, which on my system expands to:


So far I don’t see where rack-sdk-clean and rack-sdk-all are defined. I’m not an expert at reading Makefiles but I sort-of understand how they work. Thanks for any help!

Surely you’re looking at the SDK makefile not the toolchain one…



Yes, that was it, thank you!

The documentation implies that you do need to rebuild the toolchain if you are not using the docker one:

“This is especially convenient for the Docker-based toolchain, because it does not require to rebuild the entire toolchain to update to the latest SDK.”

No, it does not imply that. It just states that for the Docker toolchain you don’t have to rebuild the toolchain the SDK. That was the case before the change was made to handle the SDK outside of the Docker image.