What are you Watching? (Not Educational)


Put your video links

this man is a cat -=-==—

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I am re-watching “Sense8” on Netflix and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” on Disney+.

I was about 1/4 through the Buffy series, and was going to binge “Angel” afterwards, but Netflix deleted Buffy and Angel before I was done. So, I’m glad to have another go at it on Disney+.

It’s clearly not a closed course. That driver should be arrested and have his license suspended for a few decades.

Even if it was a closed course, there’s always the chance of something like a moose crossing the road.

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British Pathé has lots of interesting old mini documentaries, here’s a few

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(Lotus,McLaren,Jaguar,Triumph,Aston Martin,Bentley,Rolls royce,Williams…And the 'Sptifire’:ok_hand:‍‍)

Many of the “Formula 1” parts are made by british

It’s good to see the past

If one day the IA could recreate the way of moving and facial expressions of Antique civilization peoples (Egypt,Greek…)…

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This should probably go in the AI thread but I’m putting it here in the hope that no one will learn from it:


but chatgpt can play with videos?

I think it’s a combination of using chatGPT for the text and then whatever video AI software they used. I don’t think it can just take text and spit out a finished video.

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