What are the rules for comments in threads?

I’d like to stop violating the rules, but I’m not sure exactly what they are.

I think they are: “all replies must be strictly on-topic”, and “replies must never point out bugs or other negative issues with a module”.

Is that a good guide? thanks.

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thanks! somehow I had not found this document.

The most important rules of the forum are these : https://www.contributor-covenant.org/version/1/4/code-of-conduct/

Then there is also the little rules by category, but that’s more for “what threads go where” .

As for Bugs / Negative problems with a module, Imo, if a comment is Constructive Critisism, i think it’s acceptable :slight_smile: (something like , nice module but i’d love a cv input for [insert parameter] ! )

Also acceptable for me would be “Am i the only one experiencing this bug”, or “is it supposed to work like this” ? Keep in mind Bug reports shouldn’t be here, and go to VCV’s or any 3rd party dev"s Git. However, asking here first maybe will save raising an unneccesary issue on a Git.

Maybe the best way would be sending a PM directly to the Dev of a module ?

So that was my views, but i’ll let you know if the rest of the Moderation team / Andrew disagrees with any of this :wink:


I mean this as an exercise in empathy, not criticism, so please take it as such…

This sounds to me less a request for information than an expression of frustration. I’m wondering if maybe some of your comments recently haven’t been taken in the way that you had intended or hoped. If this is the case, it might be healthy to say something about that directly - both what you were trying to accomplish and how you feel about the interactions you have had or seen.

The forum is a source of information, but it’s also a community. Communities stay healthy and strong when they support honest, open, and respectful communication.



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thanks for the tips everyone!