What are the percentages displayed at the top right?

In V2, Up where the frame rate is shown, what are those agv and max percentages.

cpu/processor usage

Like the sum of all the individual engine meters? Or the processor usage for “drawing”?

It’s the usage of all the cores you have assigned Rack to use. As soon as it hits 100%, you get the classic audio glitches, as it can’t process any more. I hit it often.

Sum for all the audio threads, I assume, but not counting the UI or any other threads?

I guess it’s including some overhead that the engine uses, above what the modules themselves are using? That’s pretty cool.

It shows how fast engine computes entire patch at current engine sample rate. Engine schedules to compute next sampleRate/60 samples. Engine::stepBlock method walks entire path each sample(using one or more thread), and measures how long it takes to do that amount of work and averages it. Average > 100% means in general we do not fast enough to execute entire patch in 1 second at current sample rate. Max > 100% means that we do not fast enough sometimes. Avg 10% at 44100 kHz means entire patch executes in 0.1 sec on average or that previous 735(44100/60) samples calculated in 0,00016(6) s out of 0,016(6) s budget.

It is not CPU usage from system callback that you can see in OS task manager.