What are blank panels for?

There are quite a lot of ‘blank panels’ available in the library. What are these supposed to be used for?

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hidding easter eggs and jokes. It’s a reference to the real world of eurorack where blanking plates are commonly used. You don’t need them.

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They’re a bit like the “About” popup in some software applications. Since a plugin can’t have an About popup, they use a blank panel. Users might find them useful for separating sections of their patches, confining their patch to a certain number of HP (e.g. with https://library.vcvrack.com/CountModula/RackEarLeft and https://library.vcvrack.com/CountModula/RackEarRight), or for eye candy in patch video recordings.


i’m drawing a blank… :man_shrugging:



It’s just to prevent the flies from getting in, nothing serious :wink:


i thought they were to close the gaps so you dont spill anything on the busboards.:nerd_face:

  • They prevent the bosses from noticing the sloppy point-to-point wiring.
  • A place for putting up post-it notes with the equipment’s factory reset codes written on them.
  • Muffle the noise from rack ventilation fans.
  • Firewall - the literal kind, not the software kind.
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Today I counted 113 blank panels. Just enough for playing 4’33" by John Cage :wink:

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Love this piece, it was my favorite to play when i was practicing piano :smile: Honestly you need a real acoustic piano for that, it sounds so different on modular :sweat_smile: