Weird gate behavior

For some reason the gate isn’t working correctly for my FM-OP module:

I tried with Squinky’s FM module as well, same behavior:

As you can see, the MIDI>CV module is outputting 0-10V gate signals, but for some reason it’s not being processed correctly with the FM modules. Am I missing something?

Here’s my project file: 240129-fm-op_test-01.vcv (1.3 KB)

For the FM-OP, you need to enable the ENV gate here: image


Ah, that was it! Thanks :slight_smile:

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And for Squinky you need to click the white button beneath the Level knob. afbeelding

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Got it thanks!

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Yes. From the manual:

ADSR->Level switch will apply the ADSR to the output level knob.

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