weird cursor / mouse behavior.

Hi all, so I reinstalled VCV after many years of not using it. Blown away by how far its come! So cool.

Im having a weird issue with the arrow cursor when using the trackpad of my laptop. Im not having this issue in other programs except VCV. Video link below to help explain.

Using a: MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2016, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports) Monterey OS 12.7.3

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Try and toggle the menu item “View → Lock cursor while dragging”. Also see if the “Scroll wheel knob control” does something.

Thank you for that, sadly it did not seem to change anything. It’s very weird.

Strange. I remember we have had instances of this before. Try the forum search in here, it’s quite good.

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Have you got ‘Natural Scrolling’ enabled in the Mouse preference pane? That would reverse scrolling , so turn that off.

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just tried that. and it didnt seem to change anything. thank you for the suggestion.

Time to go here :