Weird Audio Glitch - VCV 2.4 and Threads on Mac OS X Sonoma and M1 Max CPU

I just wanted to share this, as I was unable to find it and when I ‘fixed’ it I was surprised by the fix.

I installed latest VCV 2.4.1 on my MacBook Pro running a M1 Max CPU with 32 GB of RAM

Just the sample synthesizer loaded up from a fresh install and my audio out was crazy, weird clicks, if anything, no tones, really strange.

I tried changing the out put from the AirPods Max or AirPods Pro, no change, tried a bunch of speaker path related things, no change, even tried it out through the Scarlett 4i4 I use, no change.

I was just starting to write up this post as searching as coming up dry, and then I was looking to confirm the version info and noticed the ‘engine’ I think it defaulted to 1, I don’t remember changing it and I’m a ‘more power’ guy.

For some reason, on any other thread count than 5 to 8, the audio stops or clicks/glitches/sounds like static.

The cpu performance metrics in VCV show 1% or less.

Now, I also have a thing called BOINC running in background harvesting idle CPU usage for science projects. Cancer gene mapping, research, etc. Kinda neat. With threads under 5 and that running, glitching started - a hah!.

Also, I only have 8 performance cores and 2 efficiency cores. Do NOT set threads over 8, if you do, really bad glitching.

This may be known, but for me I had to figure it out on accident playing around with settings trying to fix my audio. I don’t know what the right search terms would be but thought I’d share my experience.

Yeah, don’t do that. At least turn it off completely when running something like VCV Rack.