.webm video uploads

I just noticed it’s currently possible to upload .web video files, and it’s just been done, possibly for the first time: Nnbveh's patchings

I’m not sure this is meant to be, but if yes, what the size upload limits are? can we include other formats?

If it’s not by design, I think it’s @Vortico who needs to tweak some settings, I don’t seem to be able to do it as a moderator.

I’m not on Youtube so I’d personally support the upload of relatively small-sized, Rack-related videos to the forum. I’m aware that hosting videos brings more troubles - maybe this can be mitigated if Discourse allow to limit downloads to logged-in users. Alternatively, someone just released this plugin https://meta.discourse.org/t/discourse-vimeo-upload-plugin/168569

I think it said 4mb max, which, if i record in lossless with vcv recorder, just enough for a bit over a minute of video converted with handbrake, 576p25 preset…maybe there’s a way to upload bigger/longer videos?

WebM shouldn’t be allowed. I think a Discourse update added it. I’ve removed it from the allowed extension list.

Does anyone know of hosting services that don’t require registration, allow to upload video files, and provide public links that work correctly here (meaning you put the link on a single line and a video player is automatically generated by the forum software)?

https://gofile.io/, https://filebin.net are limited in time.

https://imgur.com is limited to 1 minute files and I haven’t tested it.

test with https://streamable.com :