Web Browser VS VCVRack

Notice a deep truth about running a web browser at the same time as Rack: There’s a direct relation between how crappy a website is and how much it glitches Rack when you open it. Sites with a lot of ads and trackers and hidden nonsense are the worst.

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Which is why one should use uBlock Origin and NoScript on Firefox :wink:


So vcv rack can act as a tracker detector ! Good to know :laughing: although i’m not sure if it changes anything when you have a very fast pc ? Gotta make a big patch then lol

Browsers eat RAM! Most DAW’s are affected in some way when one closes or opens a browser.

All browser use graphics hardware accelaration for rendering the webpage. Some browsers allow for this to be turned off / tweaked. But no matter what the settings are what plugins/ blockers the browser uses. It will interfere.

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Nice/sad find :wink:

Some also suggest to turn Wi-Fi off to improve VCV performances. It’s brutal, but it makes sense, at least according to my experience with Linux, where Wi-Fi often uses quite a few resources. And it’s not a big deal to shut it down if you’re avoiding to use the web browser anyway.