we have a serious problem, folks.

I just realised that from 1000 hz to 0 hz, there is an infinite amount of octaves in between. :exploding_head:



Module recommendation:


there’s a module for everything it seems, is there one that does my dishes as well?

Not that I can find, but this one will give you more time to do your own dishes if you use it:


Why? Is this meant to be a high art statement or something? A module that kills your expensive modules. Great idea.

lol…6A…who’s gonna be 3rd?


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Something like that. I could envisage somebody filling a rack with Behringer Abacuses and Four LFOs and pulling the switch.

Pretty much–their motto is “Adversarial Electronics,” after all. Honestly, I’m not sure this was ever actually released–I remember people getting very salty on Mod Wiggler about it, but WL doesn’t have it on their own website currently. (They actually have some pretty interesting and DIY-friendly designs–a bent DTMF IC that I’d love to play with, two passive setups that look pretty interesting, a vactrol-mediated feedback loop, and a couple of mic variations, and as a bonus none of them–I assume–destroy your PSU and half your modules!)

Like a very niche version of the KLF’s million quid!

heh–not me…

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