Ways to switch to legacy module browser in VCV Rack 2?

I’d like to switch my workflow to VCV Rack 2 except I can’t help but prefer module browser in the previous version because of a couple of reasons:

  1. It seemed to perform much better unlike the Rack 2 which takes a couple of seconds to open up and load all the thumbnails.
  2. Previous VCV Rack browser just felt easier to navigate. Hiding tags and brands under separate menus feels like a huge drawback because now it takes more clicks to get to a module I need.

I guess I can add certain modules to Favourites but to me it seems kind of limiting because eventually it gets hard to go out of my way to actually use something else.

Is there any way to do it? Could it be potentially implemented as a feature in the following updates? I mean, it’s okay if it won’t, but hey, would be kinda nice.

Stoermelder’s MB module lets you choose other variants of the browser.

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Sometimes you gotta embrace change :slight_smile: You would not believe how may people complained about the way the v1 module browser worked. Sometimes you can’t make everyone happy, but Stoermelder does a great job trying


One thing I always try to do with a new module is to remember what search term will bring it up as the first module. Then I use mostly enter + "search term" + enter to add it to the patch. For example the VCV Scope will add with enter + "v sco" + enter. It is a little bit of brain work, but there is no easier and faster way to load a module.